Faded Memories Need Not Be!

A little girl asks,
“Mommy, who is this lady?
“Oh, I don’t know;
these are just some old pictures!”
(Faded Memory, by Pat)

“But no, Mommy, I know this lady!
It’s me when I wasn’t yet this me,
But was that other me of then.
I have been already a grown-up,
And those clothes weren’t funny then…
But I died young,
So I didn’t wait too long
For coming back.
Oh, don’t you remember?!…
You were my sister!
We had so much fun together!
So this time you’re my mother;
I asked you and you said yes,
When we both didn’t have bodies,
And were planning to come again…
Too bad you don’t remember!
Do you think I will forget, too?
I really wish I’ll remember…”

At the moment I am, I don’t know why, very much into my Far Memories, and so spontaneously this is how I have seen your little girl. I hope it’s all right that the story went on by itself. Perhaps, in that way, the truth of your poem (Faded Memory) is conveyed in all its beauty, and the truth of the Other Side of the Story is conveyed too, to erase the sadness in our hearts, that in our surface memories, others often did forget us, and we did forget them as well… One day, what fun it will be, when we will all remember everything!… 😀

Bhaga, Lab of Evolution


Bhaga, what an honor you give me to add such a beautiful story to my poem, Faded Memory. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Hugs, pat

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6 Responses to Faded Memories Need Not Be!

  1. Becca Givens says:

    This gift of yours continues to shine brighter and brighter! 🙂 xoxo bb


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Becca, isn’t is special to write off each other’s work. I love what Bhaga did. I also love listening to Sara’s music and just hoding the pen and see what comes. But why shouldn’t we be able to do this since we are all One creating with the same Creator! Hugs, pat


  2. trisha says:

    beautiful, touching poem Pat.


  3. Bhaga says:

    Oh Pat, I am so touched by the way you made a special place for this improvised ‘follow-up story’ of mine, that came up when reading your lovely original poem ‘Faded Memory’!
    You found also just the right title for it.
    But perhaps now this same ‘second part’ by me doesn’t need to also still stand as the comment it originally was to your poem?… It might be better to let that one now stand alone, saying what it intended really to say, which has its own beauty and validity too? Please feel free to take now my comment out from there, that might be the best final arrangement. With a big smile, Bhaga


  4. Andy says:

    My dear Pat,
    This really tugged at my heartstrings.
    What a beautiful poem!

    Thanks for sharing.


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