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Healing Words

Some words have the magic to heal: “I ‘m sorry, please forgive me, I love you,” are the salve to heal all wounds. Apply them regularly with sincerity and a big hug!

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“H” is for…

“H” for honesty Always keep your commitments I say and I do. “H” is for our health Our bodies are priceless jewels Treat with utmost care. “H” for happiness We can choose to be happy Change your attitude.

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Rainforest News #144

Pancakes look so good Eat with syrup and delight But mine sit like rocks! ******************************** Say “please” and “thank-you” Use good manners every day Our mothers were right! ******************************* Are you romantic? Chivalry need not be dead. Love in little … Continue reading

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The Messenger

I turn and there she is, lying where I had been working only moments before. Her diamond-back glistening in the sun, her tongue stabbing the air; she watches me with languid eyes. She is a young snake, hardly four feet … Continue reading

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Be in Prayer

Prayer is a way of being. When we connect with the Divine, we are in prayer. Go within and open any time, anywhere. Prayer is a way of being. Be in a state of prayer in all that you do. … Continue reading

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Blessing Please enjoy this new composition by Sara from Music by the Heart. As I listened to her play her fabulous keyboard, this poem arrived and I hope you enjoy it. You may download this MP3 file for your enjoyment … Continue reading

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The Journey of Courage

Courage comes in each tiny moment; each step that we take when we feel we want to give up. Perhaps courage begins as a low rumble hardly more than a hum emanating from our core, building in step-by-step increments as … Continue reading

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