Wounded Child

How do I love this wounded child?
His anger is crafty, his need to hurt
as he’s been hurt seems insatiable.
What can touch his soul when he punishes
all who would love him?

God, please love this boy
until we learn how to love
in ways that will heal.

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2 Responses to Wounded Child

  1. You’re very empathetic, one can see. Well, when you can hurt when another is hurting it also means that you can send positive feeling from you to that person too, that would help heal. That’s powerful, isn’t it?


    • Pat Cegan says:

      You are absolutely right. The key is to send love in whatever way we can, even when the person seems to not accept it. At a soul level, they will receive this love and light. We must strive to love unconditionally as this is our life lesson with all other things leading to the state of Divine Love. Thank you for your visit and thoughtful comments. Hugs, pat


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