The Power of Water

I wash away my thirst
in a pristine natural spring.
My body is more than 90% water.
I squat and eliminate water
my body no longer needs.
Part of this water filters to an
underground river, once again
pure from its journey.

The remainder of my water is
taken up by the sun where it
joins the clouds floating
on God’s breath, and
circling the globe.
Where is this water now,
which I gratefully drank that
hot summer afternoon?

A cloud releases rain on a field
of destruction in Japan, nurturing
a kernel of corn to grow tall
and feed a hungry man. Water
changes form, but is never
lost; this water in Japan joins
the underground streams and
travels back to me, to once again
refresh, clean and heal.

Water, dew, rain, fog, fury,
its ability to transform ensures
it will never end. The alchemy of
water, a daily miracle that
we all too often take for granted.

Yet, like water, our souls also
can transform, travel, renew,
release impurities, become
sweet and pure. Our souls are
never lost, only changing forms,
dong the work our Creator
gives us to do. We may be a
drop of dew glistening on a blade
of grass, or join a hurricane, tidal
wave, a force of fury, then next
bathe the body of a newborn soul,
all the while remaining who
we are and who
we are meant to become.

Put aside your fears
of death and destruction;
nothing can destroy the
energy called, “You.”
Like water, we will all transmute
and become various forms while always
being part of God’s creation.

We are co-creators evolving,
changing, yet always retaining
our essence. We are, you are,

Submitted to Potluck Poetry, Challenge: Thunderstorms, floods, water fury

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13 Responses to The Power of Water

  1. luna15 says:

    as I read this, the song from the Lion king popped into my head. The circle of life
    in water.


  2. I love that you’ve touched on a very important concept of interconnectivty, and how we like water effect our world far more than we can ever imagine. I also love the concept “Of energy can neither be created or destroyed” it only changes shape, I believe the soul is immortal for that reason too and so death is really just a rebirth. Beautiful


  3. Jingle says:

    love water,

    well stated facts, bless water everywhere.


  4. Water is the key to life. Well written.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Indeed, water is a pivitol substance. I visited your blog and read your lovely Haiku about the weather but as often happens, I am unable to leave a comment on Blogspot. Sorry, but I do like your blog. Hugs, pat


  5. thingy says:

    What a wonderful word- Water. Yes, we take it for granted.

    This was a terrific and positive tribute.


  6. Sam says:

    What a powerful closure to this beautiful poem…


  7. Like water we will all transmute……beautiful!


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