The Glory of God and Man




Please click on Sara Potenza’s compostition, Soul Sister featuring Sara at the keyboard, and read my poem The Glory of God and Man inspired by Sara’s beautiful piece, Soul Sister.

My son, my daughter,
I created you with such love,
breathing life into you,
blessing you and placing you
on the jewel, Earth.
I paint sunrises and sunsets
each day to remind you
of My Presence. I ask only
for you to love with all of your
heart, and to be happy.
You are My delight, My Beloved.

Dear God, how awed I am
when I hold my tiny son,
the mystery of life seems
too profound to share with You,
yet You created me to be
a creator with You.
Each morning I see sunrises
of astounding splendor,
never repeated, at night, stars
beyond count. How precious
is the world You have made.
How humbled I am that You call me
Your Beloved, for it is I who should
proclaim my love and devotion
to You, but I can only kneel and whisper
the tinest, “thank-you” for anything
else would be either
too much,
too little.


Sara invites you to download the MP3 file, “Soul Sister,” for your listening pleasure and to share with friends. If you wish to use any of this music for commercal purposes, please contact her and observe the copyright laws: saraproductions@hotmail. com

To hear more of Sara’s Source music, visit her blog and download her MP3 files featuring her compositions and her on her magic keyboard. Click on her link on my blogroll: Music from the Heart!

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2 Responses to The Glory of God and Man

  1. Old Egg says:

    Thank you for your visit to me. I am so impressed with your blog. Your words resonate with such sincerity. It is truly wonderful to reach out and touch another person thousands of miles away with words. It is almost as though God has said Pat Cegan I want you to talk with Robin Kimber today…and we do.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Well, Robin, that is exactly what is happening. In the middle of October, I began to “receive” these poems…more than a thousand so far. Before that, I had never written poetry nor read blogs. When I asked, “Why poetry?” the answer was, “because you don’t know anything about it so will not think it is you who is writing it.” (yes, God knows my ego. 🙂 ) As I watch the numbers of people who visit this blog continue to climb, I am in awe of the whole process. Each morning I sit down and say, “what do You want to tell them today?” and then write without hesitation….the words just bypass my mind and flow from my pen. I am humbled by the whole thing. But I do believe that all of us can do this…whatever work our Creator chooses for us. We just have to be willing to receive the guidance and do the work. Your stories, for instance, charmed me from the instant I read the first one. You, too, have the gift and share it lovingly with your readers. Look at the whole phenomenon of blogs…its is astounding how many there are and how many really wonderful writers are dedicated to sending out messages that the world is longing for at this special time of awakening. Keep writing, Robin, and let’s keep in touch. Hugs, pat


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