Living on the Edge

Living on the edge
Flirting with danger
Creating strife and confusion
Procrastinating to the point of peril
Playing with evil
How far can he go?

Adrenaline is addictive,
like cocaine, nicotine, caffeine.
He craves more and more,
creating one disaster after another
to feed this rush that makes
him feel alive for a time
only to crash again into despair.

Until man faces his addictions,
whatever they may be
and overcomes them
through God’s Grace,
he will have no peace.

Denial and lies will suck
him down into a vortex
of woe leaving him tied
to his misery and desperation.

But the story need not
end this way. There is
always hope for all.
We must cast aside
our arrogance, admit
our life is out of control,
and humbly ask for help
of our Creator, who patiently
waits for us to want to walk a path
of redemption and love.

And so it is! Amen.

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