Oh, My! I’m Late, I’m Late!
Like the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I am late submitting these poems for the May challenge: Day 9–Sugar, Day 10–Never Ending Space, Day 11–Discovery, Day 12–Water Flow, Day 13–Satisfied

The challenge is sponsored by Words in a Nutshell



Can I be satisfied
with only a partial commitment?
It does not seem to be who I am.
I always jump into everything
with both feet ready to go!
No lukewarm for me.
Sometimes it is my downfall,
but usually this exuberance for life
is a blessing I would not trade!


    • Fortunately the poem is not autobiographical. I seldom eat sweets, preferring fresh fruit instead. Thanks for the visit and smiley! hugs, pat


  1. Sometimes, I seem to jump into things, without checking to see if the parachute is strapped on!


    • Great analogy! Yes, I find myself doing much the same. I am getting the spiral lesson of discernment a lot these days. Important to pay attention when we get the same lesson repeatedly. Thanks for your visit and comment. Hugs, pat


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