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Rainforest News #121

Listen, you hard headed mule You think you know everything Humility heals! ***************************************** ***************************************** Add, subtract, divide Math’s a metaphor of life Sometimes, things don’t add up! ***************************************** ***************************************** ****************************************** Kiss me, but don’t tell If I’m old enough to … Continue reading

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Walking the Spiritual Path

Say little, love much Judge no one, especially yourself, Give all, be grateful, Live each moment fully. Listen to a bird sing, Examine a dew-glistening spider web, Savor the aroma of bread baking, Hold the hand of a dear friend, … Continue reading

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What frightens me–deny. What I don’t understand–ignore. What seems a mystery, call–fake. What lies I hear–believe. What can no longer be denied–drown in booze, busyness, drugs, sex, greed, hate, and wars, until insanity, suicide, or old age and death release … Continue reading

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Hours of silence but never silent; inside, my mind connects with others; outside birds fill my heart with song. The floresta is home to my companions. My horse greets me with gentle neighs and snorts of welcome. My gate stands … Continue reading

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Wounded Child

How do I love this wounded child? His anger is crafty, his need to hurt as he’s been hurt seems insatiable. What can touch his soul when he punishes all who would love him? God, please love this boy until … Continue reading

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The Power of Water

I wash away my thirst in a pristine natural spring. My body is more than 90% water. I squat and eliminate water my body no longer needs. Part of this water filters to an underground river, once again pure from … Continue reading

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The Catalyst

Love is the catalyst Transmuting free will to eager submission to the Highest Good. Love is the catalyst that ignites the fire of devotion merging our will with the Divine to grow, to serve, to co-create. Love is the catalyst … Continue reading

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