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Faster, Faster

Eight lanes of traffic Faster, faster, faster! Asphalt, heat, buildings blocking air. I long for the coolness of the floresta, sweet smelling, quiet, filled with healing energy of Mother Earth. Cities are the kindergardens of Hell! ************ More and more … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #95

Watch! Bubble gum Pink mouth balloon Bigger with each breath Pop!         Snail One foot Or big belly? Leaving a slimy trail He’s never homeless Garden meanderer Observer! ********************************************** Hail Ice balls Mixed with rain Summer snow Ouch! … Continue reading

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4×4 #11–Glitter

Sun glitters on leaves Each leaf reflects the light I am the leaf Lighting up the world.

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Compassion Inspired, inclusive Caring, sharing, helping A burden lovingly shared Together

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Litter Dropped everywhere Spoiling the Earth Man’s dandruff Indifference

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My Home?

Where is my home? My country of origin–USA Brazil, my adopted country, the house where I live nestled next to the floresta, each is my home with a piece of my heart. But my unchanging home is with the Divine, … Continue reading

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Sai Baba

A great man has passed leaving a remarkable legacy of wisdom, deeds, and love. I honor him before Source for all he did. I personally love his course in Human Values and wish all schools incorporated its principles. Rest in … Continue reading

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