The Music Within

I hear the music within

There is no sweeter melody

Sometimes serene

Other times, crashing crescendos.

This music of our souls

Is God’s gift to us

But we must listen

With love in our hearts

To hear these celestial symphonies.


  1. Well I adore that I read this today…as I drove about on those lunch hour errands I listened to wonderful symphonies and thought how pleased my heart was to sit within them on my journey…I come home to read this piece and there are your beautifully delivered words, giving my moment its written glory. Bravo! ~ Rose


    • Aren’t life’s synchronicities wonderful! Music is magic, for sure, and when it springs from with….Divine! Thanks for sharing this with me. Hugs, pat


    • I have learned that listening is one of the most valuable gifts you can give someone…just to sit and listen without trying to fix things. Also, listening as part of our spiritual practices is important. I love to just sit with pen in hand and say, “OK, I am listening….what do You want to tell me.” Then I write whatever comes to mind. It is amazing what I receive at time. Thanks for your visit, Kim. Hugs, pat


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