Rainforest News #96


lubricates, smooths

sliding, releasing, unsticking

love is the oil of life




strong, fastener

binding, securing, joining

love is the glue of life



Be oil and glue

in perfect balance

be love!





hot, heavy

smoothing, freshening, scorching

removing wrinkles from clothes



Quote of the Day

Look upon everything,
from the end of your prayer
as having a part to play
in the answer to your prayer.
Your prayer is heard instantly
and just as instantly
a response begins to make
its way to you.

“Invisible Acts of Power,” Carolyn Myss


Pat’s Ponderings

What is detachment and when do we need to use this spiritual tool?


My little brother picks his nose. I told him that if he ate the boogers, he would stop wetting the bed. He believed me. hehehehe!

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