Share the Joy!!

The photo is called “The Cat’s Eye Nubula” by the Hubble Org. I was listening to Sara Potenza’s bubbly composition, Happy Zappy, when I first saw this dazzling picture. Immediately a vision appeared of me as a child playing within this beautiful formation. Here is what I wrote as I watched the vision and listen to the music.

Click on the MP3 file of Happy Zappy and listen to it as you read the poem to understand the sheer joy I felt.


Here I go! Swimming
through the stars
turning slow, then fast
and faster flips across
the Milky Way! Spinning
in, out, over, around
The Cat’s Eye, a star flower
of delight.

Get behind me, form a line.
Join the fun! Skim down moonbeams,
slide into the wormhole consciousness.
Leave behind all that was,
embracing all that will be!

Life is a delight, have fun.
Drink in the glory of creation
Love, laugh, and share your joy!!


Sara invites you to download Happy Zappy for your listening pleasure and to share with friends. If you wish to use the music for commercial purposes, please contact Sara at:

To hear more of Sara’s music, visit her blog titled, Music from the Heart. Her link is on my sidebar.

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One Response to Share the Joy!!

  1. I love this poem Pat!
    So bubbly, nice, happy!


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