The Good Old Days

Do not mourn the past
the good old days of tomorrow
are being made in today’s Nows.
Your Now is where you need
to be, ripe, fully alive,
a seedling of what you
will become. Think carefully
of what you want to be.
Remember that our thoughts
usher in our realities!

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4 Responses to The Good Old Days

  1. Sam says:

    At times our past just holds on and becomes difficult to let go… It can be a tiresome affair when you want to move forward and it drags you back…


    • Pat Cegan says:

      That is true, Samer. But it is all about choices. We have powerful minds and can choose how we want to think….and act. We need not be controlled by our emotions and thoughts. Hugs, pat


  2. Anonymous says:

    Pat, Wonderfully Profound Wisdom.


  3. Kristin Brænne says:



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