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Rainforest News #97

4×4 #13 Sing Sing when you’re sad. Music heals our soul. Sing when you’re happy. Share joy with everyone. ****************************** 4×4 #14 Smile Smiles create laugh lines. Frowns leave scowl marks. Our faces reveal all. Create maps of love. ***************************** … Continue reading

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Pinpoint of Light

We start with a pinpoint of light Each day the point opens more Expanding light fills our souls With light comes peace Healing the pain Only love Remains

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Lost Soul

Lost soul searching mountain tops and byways, bars filled with despair and false hope, seeking solace in the arms of other lost souls. Do not look for gold in sewers, turn not against those who love you. Beware of false … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #96

Oil lubricates, smooths sliding, releasing, unsticking love is the oil of life amor!   Glue strong, fastener binding, securing, joining love is the glue of life amor!   Be oil and glue in perfect balance be love! amor!! **************   … Continue reading

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The Music Within

I hear the music within There is no sweeter melody Sometimes serene Other times, crashing crescendos. This music of our souls Is God’s gift to us But we must listen With love in our hearts To hear these celestial symphonies.

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Magic Pen

Pen magic, mysterious writing, revealing, manifesting poetic pen writes by itself truth!

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4×4 # 12–Fear

Do not use fear to avoid your responsibilities; let it stimulate courage. Action removes your fear.

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