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Rainforest News # 74

H ungry A ngry L onely T ired (From AA 12 Step Program) 4×4 #4–Halt Halt — before you speak Halt–think carefully first Halt–consider your needs Halt–always be kind *********************** 4×4 #5–Bitterness Bitterness is unexpressed anger Growing, festering, exploding, killing Resolve … Continue reading

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Loving Words

Words Abusive, foul Wound the soul Others and ourselves, too Speak only loving, honest words

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Endurance a must When you fail, just try again Each success a step!

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Rainforest News #73

I am a volunteer at Santa Branca, an ecological project in central Brazil. Our little school is comprised mainly of children with special needs who come from the rural towns nearby. This is a picture of two of our children … Continue reading

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God Thinks of Everything

Why do you worry about everything big and small, filling your mind with “what ifs” that never come, fears made of smoke? God made this world with incredible attention to detail, balance, beauty and design. Do you think that since … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #72

4×4 #2 I’m running so fast, I can not stop, Why I don’t know. Life is a blur! *************************** Yes, there is a me, and, of course, there is a you, But we = one! *************************** See saw up and … Continue reading

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Manifesting Life #4

The fear you meet on your path is your dark. The purpose of our lives is to seek and grow. The collective global fear is being in charge of oneself. We give away our power of decision-making to others. Step … Continue reading

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