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The Eyes of Love

When we look with eyes of love, we see the perfection of what each will become. God’s plan for us is perfect, a masterpiece emerging. Take off your dark glasses; see the light within. Souls without fear are each of … Continue reading

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The Humble Heart

It is the humble heart that asks for forgiveness. Self-rightousness seals our lips. It’s not my fault! is our mantra. Look how he did me wrong. Look carefully at your part. What could you have done differently? Did you punish … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #41

Beatles sang their songs. We drove little Beatle cars. Love’s Revolution! ********************************* I love antique stores Remembering in decades I am an antique! ********************************* With age time merges I know the best kept secret. 71 is better that 17! ********************************* … Continue reading

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Pride Born of Hurt

I don’t need anybody! Is our self-sufficiency the result of needs seldom met? Did we depend on others only to be disappointed again and again? We became determined to never ask for help. Our vulnerability protected by pride born of … Continue reading

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Giving up Control

How desperately we cling to control, using manipulation, intimidation, conditional love. We set up rigid lives, hoping to gain safety in our lives gone mad. Our insecurities and fears, arrogance, lust for power, manifest as a need to control others … Continue reading

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Spiral Lesson–Go For It!

Go For It! When the ancient eyes are open you will not argue for limitations. Move beyond that which holds you back, into the world of all possibility. The eyes of Horus see many realities, worlds of…. waking sleeping dying … Continue reading

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What would it feel like for a beggar on the street, dirty, shunned, filled with despair, to wake up and discover he is a diamond in the crown of the King? Caterpillar in the cocoon emerges as a butterfly who … Continue reading

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