No More!

Tiny figure dressed in red,
black and white film
of man’s horror and hope.
The secret list of those
whose lives hung precariously
is not so different today.

There are men watching
people who rebel at the stress
and fear of lives dictated by
those who want endless wealth and power.
There still exists secret lists of men and women,
who courageously say, “No!”

Suddenly, a remarkable show of strength
filled the papers with juicy headlines.
Thousands of people in two countries side by side
took to the streets, shouting “No!”
Many died for us these weeks in order
to tell the world, “Stop the lies, the killing,
the rape of Mother Earth.
This must never happen again!”

The awakening is spreading,
it will not stop.
The Light will shine for all.


Submitted to Three Word Wednesday.
Words for the week are: Figure, Stress, Juicy


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6 Responses to No More!

  1. Sheilagh Lee says:

    Bravo so true that we all have to speak up and be heard when injustice and evil takes over.Wonderfully written poem.


  2. Alix Moore says:

    Go fearlessly forward, then,
    into the light.
    For in full light there can be
    no shadows, nor shame,
    no fear or pain or blame,
    Only just,
    and in all directions,


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Alex, thank you for adding your beautiful words. How true they are.

      Go fearlessly forward, then,
      into the light.

      These times of transformation are accelerating. You are right that we must go fearlessly forward into the Light. And when we do feel fear, we can call for the Light to fill us with love and courage. hugs, pat


  3. Altonian says:

    Brave words in this “Brave New World” – but watch your back, Pat.


  4. Sara says:



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