I miss the boardwalks
stretching across wetlands,
swampy forests, and hard-to-reach nooks.
Sweet memories of slow, silent walks,
sightings of moss covered turtles,
alligators sunning themselves
on river banks,
blue herons, white cranes,
an owl asleep in a tree.

I’ve come to be grateful for a
life filled with tiny moments
of pleasure wrapped in the
present of an unexpected memory
adding a joy to my day.


Painting by Jeanne Pastor, titled “Waiting for Spring.”


Submitted to Magic in the Backyard: Free Write Friday

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6 Responses to Boardwalks

  1. Jeanne says:

    thanks for enriching my artwork with shared memories.


  2. Aleza says:

    Your words were beautifully painted. Your memories are so different from mine. I didn’t even encounter a wetland until I was in my 20s! I can relate to tiny moments!!


  3. Becca Givens says:

    I see inspiration and creativity runs in the family … love your work and now your sister’s as well. bjs ~becca~


  4. Oh this is so vivid and beautiful. Almost dreamy pat. Thank u!


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