Rainforest News #41

Beatles sang their songs.
We drove little Beatle cars.
Love’s Revolution!


I love antique stores
Remembering in decades
I am an antique!


With age time merges
I know the best kept secret.
71 is better that 17!


Children’s Wisdom #10
Why do we have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot?

Quote of the Day

Your intelligence is marvelously intimate.
It’s not in front of you or behind,
or to the left, or right.
Now try, my friend, to describe how near
is the Creator of your intellect.
The movement of your finger,
is not separate from your hand.

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2 Responses to Rainforest News #41

  1. Sara says:

    Definitely Pat! 71 is much better than 17.
    Your rainforest news always brings a smile to my face and my heart.


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