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The Power of Priorities

How often we live our lives without thought, moving from one activity to another without considering what is important to us, letting life’s demands set our priorities. If asked what is important, we carelessly reply, “Why, family, work, (and perhaps) … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #43

Coconuts have milk. We milk the cow every day. Where is the chocolate? ************************** Soft pillow, sweet sleep. Guilty conscience gives bad dreams. Don’t sleep on anger. ************************** Hard to teach a mule. When you teach a child, you learn. … Continue reading

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Beware, those of you who glorify yourself. How arrogantly you boast, looking down on others as if you have all the answers. Pride is a rot of the soul. You belittle others thinking it makes you look better. You fool … Continue reading

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No More!

Tiny figure dressed in red, black and white film of man’s horror and hope. The secret list of those whose lives hung precariously is not so different today. There are men watching people who rebel at the stress and fear … Continue reading

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I miss the boardwalks stretching across wetlands, swampy forests, and hard-to-reach nooks. Sweet memories of slow, silent walks, sightings of moss covered turtles, alligators sunning themselves on river banks, blue herons, white cranes, an owl asleep in a tree. I’ve … Continue reading

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Call the Light

Ancient mages knew how to summon with true names, which contained their power. Light is a power, great power by which we live, but which exists beyond our needs. In sunlight, life is. In a dark place, life may call … Continue reading

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All Power is One

Wind in sails, root of a tree, stars burning brightly, bubbling spring water, your name is whispered in the breaking of the dawn, all are syllables of the Word. There is no other power than Source.

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