Of course it is important
to know the rules,
else how will I know
why that man on a one way street
shouted, “Idiot, can’t you read?”

But knowing rules
and keeping them
are at the opposite corners
of the world for me.

I try—really I do,
but then a fairy calls,
butterflies whisper in my ear,
and off I go,
leaving a trail of broken rules
scattered like petals along the floresta path.

I twirl and dance among
little people riding wee unicorns.
I hear, “yes, but what about……”
then dive into a waterfall of glitter,
my hair cascading curls
of wet laughter.
I give puppy promises,
knowing they will evaporate
like all my good intentions.

It has taken me a long time
to forget how to be a grownup.
Now I sing to the frowns
of the library lady,
spray perfume and put smiley faces
on my income tax return
with a note that my money can
only be used to help
old ladies in purple hats.

The only rule on my list
is the Golden Rule, which says
to love and know that we are One.
Amen to that!

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15 Responses to Rules

  1. I want to click “Like” about 10 times on this one!


  2. Alix Moore says:

    Rules and I have never been best friends. Rules are just. . . someone else’s truth. While unicorns and fairy dust are. . . god’s truth.


  3. Dakshi says:

    I just loved it…


  4. Sara says:

    I read it and read it and read it again Pat!
    I liked it and liked it and liked it!
    Great writing.


  5. Jessica says:

    Humorous and delightful! A lovely read, Pat.


  6. danroberson says:

    I love the feel of your poem. If I had hair I’d still throw in a flower or two. I think rules are guidelines not meant for me or you.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Rules are the bane of my life. sigh….

      I have hair to my waist, if you want to run through the floresta and dance with the unicorns, I will cut some locks and give them to you. Nice to know that you, too, believe that rules should be made of chocolate so we can eat our way through them, or at least give them to others to enjoy. hugs, pat


  7. Jingle says:

    to love and know that we are one,

    love the line.
    beautiful rule entry.
    Thanks for sharing…



  8. rmpWritings says:

    Beautiful. I love the carefree feel; I almost wanted to get up and start dancing myself.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Well, forget how to be a grown-up and follow your heart! I was always the most responsible one I knew, still am, I suppose, but more and more I am learning to play, be joyful, be magical. You can, too! hugs, pat


  9. kolembo says:

    ‘…old ladies in purple hats,’!

    Fantastic! Too right. Nicely measured piece…and I feel the stink of everyday living fall away from me…


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