Why do bells fascinate us?
Huge carillons clanging in
new years, weddings, death;
tiny bells that tinkle with
sweet angel songs.
Ring them in,
ring them out!

Clapper striking dome
producing vibrations which sound.
Am I the clapper or the dome?
Sometime I am the clapper
striking out to produce
sound–the instrument of change.
Sometimes the dome
waiting for the Force to strike
so I can sing my message.

Am I a tiny bell
riding on the ankles of fairies,
or a giant bell
echoing across the vale?
All is One–I AM both!


  1. Tinkle or clang, ring your message loud and clear, boldly proclaiming for all to hear,
    singing the songs you hold dear. Ring on!


    • Sara, you are a faithful fan and dear friend. Nice to know you start your day with me. I think of you often, too. Hope you know how to swim, hear there is lots of water on the other side of the world. Hugs, pat


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