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Rainforest News #24

Avocados fall Explosions of food for all Zoo under the tree! ************************ I sing to learn love I cry to let go of pain Laughter works for all! ************************ Bodies shrink with age How wise is our Creator I can … Continue reading

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A Time to Heal

Give yourself the gift of a time to heal. We are going through many shifts and need to withdraw, be quiet, heal. Heal the wounds of life, sorrows of the soul, illnesses of our bodies, which mirror our spiritual traumas. … Continue reading

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Televisions blare, pounding music dulls our brains, aimless chatter, books filled with empty words, Internet chats and traps. Parties filled with life sacrificed and grilled, booze flowing, laughter empty of joy, sexual games without love. Violent movies and video games, … Continue reading

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Alone, so alone that not even a blade of grass comforts me. There are no birds singing no warm sun or starry nights. There is only silence, stillness, an infinite existence. Everything has fallen away leaving this beingness I call … Continue reading

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Rainforest News #22

Boom, boom, boom, my drum African rhythms delight The stork dropped me wrong! *************************** My toenails are pink Getting harder every year My feet are so far! *************************** Glasses lost again Never answer when I call Monets fill my world. … Continue reading

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Am I Unworthy?

How well I treat my friends, even strangers with mangled limbs, eyes and hands begging for compassion, receive my coins and blessings. Soup kitchens, orphanages, neighbors who need a helping hand, all have my love and care. So, why can … Continue reading

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What is Evil?

Let’s not use the argument of needing duality to maintain freedom of choice. On a spiritual level, I may love those who maim and kill with ill used power, but here on Earth I vote for the “Good Guys.” What … Continue reading

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