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The Big Eye

The Big Eye stares at me waiting for me to stare at it. Silent—it seems or does it emit both off and on? Stories of fear, inane blathering lies of propaganda mind-dulling, time eater, not in my house will you … Continue reading

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A Tiny Seed

I found a tiny seed for what I do not know. Shall I plant it and see what grows? Sandy soil, or clay sun or shade water sparingly or no? Flower, tree, Jack in the Bean Sprout, what are you, … Continue reading

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Bridge of No Return

What is our fascination with bridges hanging suspended by the wings of angels? We wonder at their beauty and power. If I cross this bridge, what is on the other side? We use bridge metaphors with little thought, “I will … Continue reading

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Who can resist the charm of babies, puppies, kitties, colts? What is there about them that causes even the hardest heart to soften? Innocence, hope, the promise of a better future. Guard these babies well; never break their trust or … Continue reading

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What is real? Child playing with a roly-poly puppy, nearby, a sore-laden man shoots false hope in a vein. Bombs fall ending another’s reality. Rainbows of love connect me to you. Which reality is “real?”

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Mirror, mirror on the wall surely you lie! Who can resist a glimpse of “me?” I am seldom happy with what I see as I turn this way and that searching for a better side. Reflections are also found in … Continue reading

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What makes me impatient unable to quietly wait peaceful in the knowledge that if I allow life to unfold gently, each moment is a rose of breath-taking beauty opening to it own inner rhythm. We rush from one activity to … Continue reading

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