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The Angels’ Song

Dancing through all the stars Singing The Angels’ Song, Hand-in-hand we will go Spreading love all around. Throughout the night, we are happy, Sending love to everyone. All around us, stars are singing Singing, The Angels’ Song. Now we know … Continue reading

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Mountain Woman

On the horizon I see her ascend slowly with light beams for hair. A halo of gold spreads across the valley; her eyes open wide as light enters her and spreads throughout her body which rises from a rock. The … Continue reading

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Go for It!

When the ancient eyes are open you will not argue for limitations. Move beyond that which holds you back, into the world of all possibility. The eyes of Horus see many realities, worlds of…. waking sleeping dying dreaming. Open your … Continue reading

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Eyes of Horus

Hawk circles higher and higher seeing history ancient connected to the present. He dives lightening speed then lands softly at our feet. What message have you ancient symbol of Divine power and knowledge? Transformation Evolution Emergence of love energy. More? … Continue reading

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My Body

Each cell is Source. Amen! Each organ balanced to perfection Skin soft radiant Hair shining alive Bones strong renewing my blood Lungs exchange with trees the Breath of Life My brain communicates with All. My heart gives and receives unconditional … Continue reading

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Where Is My Joy?

Where is my joy? It was here only a moment ago sparkling eyes bubbling laughter daisies plucked one by one. Is my joy a luminescent soap-bubble easily popped by harsh or careless words disapproval disappointment? Does my joy depend on … Continue reading

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Rain on the Mandala

Garden mandala reaches for droplets, thirsty triangles of lettuce open to catch a drink. Circles of basil scent the rain. Chamomile flowers, verdant spinach zigzag across the design. I recklessly fill the mandala with living designs. Plant, harvest, plant, harvest, … Continue reading

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