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Little Flower

Little flower how sweet your fragrance bright your light in one so tender of years. An old soul in a young girl´s body who teaches us without words your beingness is our beacon. You sing so sweetly smile so shyly … Continue reading

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The Gift

Each day I find a gift, sometimes tucked away in places left unnoticed but mostly in plain sight. Yet how often my gift went unclaimed in the past as I was too busy to notice. What was so important in … Continue reading

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Reflections #1

Today as I walked silently in the floresta, I blessed with pure love energy… Ants marching in a line carrying tiny bits of leaves on their backs, a sunbeam filtering through the leaves making a pretty pattern on my hand, … Continue reading

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Stormy Night

I am a little girl standing in a field. All around me a storm rages; lighting fills the sky with rivers of glory; cannons boom thunder that shakes my knees. Trees bow to the power of God as wind whips … Continue reading

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Light of Love

What is it that makes one beautiful? Is it the form with which we are born slim and agile creamy skin with a natural blush? Ah, she’s a fair lass ’tis true but will she always be? Do people turn … Continue reading

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Pure Love

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Only Today

Today is a special day, it is not like yesterday or tomorrow. The sunrise that painted the sky with rose and golden hues will be different tomorrow. And I will be reborn as well. I can paint this day as … Continue reading

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