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Little Flower

Little flower how sweet your fragrance bright your light in one so tender of years. An old soul in a young girl´s body who teaches us without words your beingness is our beacon. You sing so sweetly smile so shyly … Continue reading

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The Gift

Each day I find a gift, sometimes tucked away in places left unnoticed but mostly in plain sight. Yet how often my gift went unclaimed in the past as I was too busy to notice. What was so important in … Continue reading

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God in Darkness

God exists in darkness, not the darkness of evil, but the nights of the soul when we can not feel the Presence of God. Can we keep faith when filled with despair, without hope or relief from the pain? Can … Continue reading

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Reflections #1

Today as I walked silently in the floresta, I blessed with pure love energy… Ants marching in a line carrying tiny bits of leaves on their backs, a sunbeam filtering through the leaves making a pretty pattern on my hand, … Continue reading

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Stormy Night

I am a little girl standing in a field. All around me a storm rages; lighting fills the sky with rivers of glory; cannons boom thunder that shakes my knees. Trees bow to the power of God as wind whips … Continue reading

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Light of Love

What is it that makes one beautiful? Is it the form with which we are born slim and agile creamy skin with a natural blush? Ah, she’s a fair lass ’tis true but will she always be? Do people turn … Continue reading

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Pure Love

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