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Where Are You Going?

Because you have not defined what you want to be your life purpose, you are on a voyage with no destination. You are everything you are because you choose to be. Choose wisely. Related articles My Choice to Choose. (thereflectionfiles.wordpress.com) … Continue reading

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Too Much To Do

Time is slipping away; I feel I have too much to do. I rush, I rush. Peace, my child, step lightly. Slowly walk your path. Much to do is an illusion. When you feel this way, you have wandered off … Continue reading

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Another’s Path

Walk not another’s path for it leads only to a wall beyond which you can not pass. Your own journey is filled with eggs of delight waiting to be found and put into your basket.

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Walking the Spiritual Path

Say little, love much Judge no one, especially yourself, Give all, be grateful, Live each moment fully. Listen to a bird sing, Examine a dew-glistening spider web, Savor the aroma of bread baking, Hold the hand of a dear friend, … Continue reading

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