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Sea Shells

Candy cane Walking cane Cain and Abel Sea shells by the sea shore The language of God is silence so that you can listen with your heart.

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Inspire Me

Don’t point out my faults Inspire me instead Model how to be!

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Silly Words

Beans and bananas Sweet potatoes, too Silly words to say I love you. It doesn’t really matter how you say it as long as you do!

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Do It!

I’m saying “No!” but doing “yes!” It’s true that actions speak louder than words Show me that you love me for I no longer hear your words. I, in turn, must stop talking and start doing, too.

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Circular Cycles

Beginning End Beginning Cycles Circles Life Just how it is!

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I both resist change and thrive on it. Don’t want to change yet create it. Push/pull see-saw Either way, it does not matter for change is as certain as moon cycles and tides regardless of how we feel about it.

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Begin Each Day

Start your day with gratitude. Write down each day five reasons you are grateful. Don’t repeat. Why does this change our lives? When we focus on the positive, it becomes stronger, heals our despair, helps us forgive, shows us the … Continue reading

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