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Can you love me with all my faults? Am I good enough pretty enough smart enough rich enough? Child, no one is loved for their beauty, money or because of their perfection. Love comes from kindness compassion, integrity generosity of … Continue reading

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The Bridge

The bridge passes from this world to that. The bridge is constructed of love made firm by commitments; waver and it collapses tossing you into a sea of doubt and fear. How committed are you to leading a life of … Continue reading

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Dragonflies and Helicopters

Sometimes I wish I could hover awhile, just stop the world so I can catch my breath, so I can see past the blur that life has become, to see the blue winged dragonfly hover above an eddy. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Part of cleaning our past as we move forward on the path of love, is to make restitution to those we have harmed by our actions or inactions; our failure to act with integrity and love. Examine your conscience; return … Continue reading

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Child of God

Little boy inside big man body soul early in its development love him guide him do not judge for he is a child of God just like you

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Feel the Love

Eyes in front keep your focus detach from the bedlam around you feel the love of the Lord Take one step at a time letting go of all fear; keep your eyes on the light our Creator is always near

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Middle of the Circle

In the middle of the circle am I Its border extends to eternity My being knows no limits I exist through all time You are in the middle of your circle No limits have you through all time Concentric circles … Continue reading

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