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Only Silence

S ecure in who I am I nviting Source to manifest through me L istening without ears E ntering the great mystery N ow is all there is T imeles, I become One with One

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Different Tastes

I wonder how someone can not love something that I love. What must a piece of chocolate taste like in their mouth for them to find it disagreeable? I wonder why my puppy enjoys the flavor of a cow patty–old … Continue reading

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The Mind of God

Slowly I brush my pencil across the nap of the paper. The sphere takes shape as I shade its form to reflect its contours of light and shadows. It is an exercise that allows my mind to shift into the … Continue reading

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Cluster of grapes warmed by the sun each globe in its royal hue kissed by my lips as I slowly savor their delicate flavor How beautiful our Creator has made this fruit, each piece nestled with its brother all connected … Continue reading

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  Today, tomorrow, forever how long is eternity? Universes extending into universes some ideas are too big to fit into this little brain; it simply shuts down refuses to think about it. God’s love of us all is one of … Continue reading

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Renewing the Connection

One, two buckle my shoe three, four out the door another day of traffic seems like that’s how life goes. Now I start my day with a few moments of peace, connecting with Source, giving thanks for all I have. … Continue reading

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A What?

What noise do I hear? There is a cat by my door. Good grief, it’s a frog! Life in the jungle Always it’s an adventure Faint-hearted beware!

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