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Finding God

If you truly wish to find God, then you already have; the recognition of this longing is God speaking to your heart. Intuition is the key to knowing God. The act of seeking unlocks the heart revealing the Presence of … Continue reading

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Fear Slaves

Fear slaves beware, your shackles are self-imposed. Do not be a servant of depression and defeat. Reach within to that spirit of Divine which resides in us all. Let it release you from your fetters of fear and enable you … Continue reading

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One More Day

The sun rises every day; it shines on the weak and the strong. Its light guides all who are willing to get up and follow its path across the sky. Those of you who sit and grieve over real or … Continue reading

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In the Right Time

All must await the coming of its time. Impatience does not make the seed grow. Only with time does sunrise become sunset. Do what is to be done as you are able leaving all else in the hands of the … Continue reading

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Something to Think About #1

Evil exists through imperfection Creator creates only perfection How can this be?

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Listen to the Silence

My voice is silence Listen well to what I say Be still Quiet Attentive And you will hear My voice in your heart

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How Beautiful Are You?

Is the beauty of your soul reflected in the words you speak? Let our words be kind generous forgiving patient compassionate that the perfection of our Creator is revealed in all we say and do.

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