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The Mind of God

Slowly I brush my pencil across the nap of the paper. The sphere takes shape as I shade its form to reflect its contours of light and shadows. It is an exercise that allows my mind to shift into the … Continue reading

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  Today, tomorrow, forever how long is eternity? Universes extending into universes some ideas are too big to fit into this little brain; it simply shuts down refuses to think about it. God’s love of us all is one of … Continue reading

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Child of God

Little boy inside big man body soul early in its development love him guide him do not judge for he is a child of God just like you

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Feel the Love

Eyes in front keep your focus detach from the bedlam around you feel the love of the Lord Take one step at a time letting go of all fear; keep your eyes on the light our Creator is always near

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Our Own Free Will

Source does not impose worship, slavish service, or punishment for we must in our own hearts voluntarily recognize and love Him. The Creator does not coerce or compel submission leaving us with free will It is our own choosing to … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Quest

The sublime search for the Creator of universes is the supreme adventure of a lifetime. The Quest heroes and villains battles bravery betrayal resolution We write our stories with time and tears never quite sure how the story will end.

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Mystery of Mysteries

The Divine Presence within man is the mystery of mysteries. Unfathomable is the idea of God within us– imperfect mankind. Yet we experience this inner whisper, this silent knowing, this universal longing, a need to return to Source, salmons swimming upstream … Continue reading

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