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4 x 4 Memory

My memory is slipping Forgetful am I today Don’t remember harsh world Keep only sweet memories

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Can’t wait to go to bed always eager to get up naps are a must. Sleep- sometimes an enemy other times a friend such a complex part of life that we do not understand. It seems so mysterious, strange dreams, … Continue reading

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In the Dog House

I’m living in smaller and smaller houses. Next one I have I will buy at the pet store. I’m buying less and less clothes no adornments, simple cotton Ghandi had the right idea. My car is past the age that … Continue reading

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Thinking of You

I think of you; it brings a smile a sense of joy and serenity. The mere thought of you always being by my side makes life worthwhile no matter what comes along.

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Like Buttons

I want more “Like” buttons some should say,  “I REALLY liked” or “Wow!” “Spectacular” “My thoughts exactly!” a thumbs up sign and while you are at it, throw in “you gotta’ be kidding” “No way!” and “Ugh!”

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Where Am I?

Where am I? I got lost in my masks. Which one is the real me?

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The Perfect Day

http://www.ask.com/pets-animals/insect-lives-one-day-2623c6ac9ea93d97 ********************* Some creatures live only a day living the perfect day as they only get one chance. Did you live a perfect day today? If not, what about tomorrow?

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