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What Is It?

Father, God, Spirit, Lord Creator, Source, our list of names seems endless as does our compilation of theory about what this Force might be. What did the prophet mean when he said, “There is none besides Him.” Did he mean … Continue reading

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Those Not Ready

Should we offer words of comfort to those who can not hear? One can not teach those who yet do not have the capacity to learn. Show them compassion, bind their wounds, then leave them in the hands of the Lord.

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Who I AM

I AM consciousness within everything, your life-giving breath, the creative Force within you. I AM your thoughts your inspiration; there is no separation between us nor will there ever be. It is I who drives you on, creates the longing … Continue reading

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Something to Think About #2

Feed your soul as you feed your body for our spirit needs to be nourished and nurtured, too.

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Walking Backwards

Do not walk backwards to arrive at your future. Leave the past where it belongs…in the past. Do not miss the sunrise today worrying about the sunset later for only this fleeting moment is certain. Savor it, rejoice in it. … Continue reading

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Finding God

If you truly wish to find God, then you already have; the recognition of this longing is God speaking to your heart. Intuition is the key to knowing God. The act of seeking unlocks the heart revealing the Presence of … Continue reading

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Invite Trouble

Let trouble invigorate you disappointment spur you on pray for difficult lessons and demanding teachers Walk away from your fears with head held high mighty is the Lord who gives us strength to be who we truly are!

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