May I not be
distracted from
my commitment
by hostility,
temptation, or
corruption. May
I remain firm in
my desire to serve
the Light.

How easily we fall
when we are not
firmly planted. Let
us not react to
another’s hostility
for surely their
anger is about them,
not us.

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There is a change of sound
that first greets the new day,
a silence that is not silent,
as if one is holding one’s breath
in anticipation, but hears
the beat of the heart,
rush of blood coursing through veins.

Subtle light  illuminates the inky sky;
pale greys blend behind.
Soft coos play counterpoint
to a single beat of a frog’s
lament, dreams fade away.
Gauzy mists float above
the still lake and swirl
above the trees. The morning
star sends forth its
light of love.

Now comes zigzags of
colors reaching across the sky,
back-dropped by pinks and greys.
Golden light begins to outline
the horizon, trees and my soul.
Slowly at first, the glory of
the sun appears spreading its
promise across the sky.

I stand on top of the hill,
arms open in joy,
music fills me as the
sun salutes the new day
promising God’s love for
all time.

I weep, I sing, I dance,
as music and sunlight fill the
valley, beginning the day with
the splendor of our beautiful world.
The Divine and I are One!

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Peanut Butter Cures

For words said in anger
that you regret the next day,
pity-pot monologues
to anyone who will listen,
words of jealously, envy, discontent
that pour out dirtying
waters of life,
I recommend one large spoonful
of peanut butter
that glues your tongue
and careless words
to the roof of your mouth!

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Shifting Seasons


Months of rain
fill the floresta
with abundance
and the roads
with quagmires of mud

Beads of raindrops
line the leaves
frogs croak
their delight
humidity infuses
the air like
morning tea

Soon this season
shifts into long
months of perfect
days of sunshine
nights filled with stars

Each of our two seasons
has much to love
and change just often
enough to enjoy both,
but I expect this is
true wherever one lives
for our contentment
comes from within
not dependent on
the external
which just is
no matter what
we experience inside

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I’m painting a self-portrait
seeing the perfection
of my unique being
loving what God gave me
satisfied at last
to be who I am

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Thrown Away Friendships


Friendship not valued
gift carelessly thrown away
give to another
who knows it worth and accepts
a treasure offered with love

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Accepting Love


Let me be content.
It pleases me
to please you.
Accept my love, please.

Sometimes we are too
independent and do not
know how to be a
gracious receiver
missing so many opportunities
to be loved in tiny ways.

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