In My Soul


I have become a seeker
no longer looking in books
stars or gurus
rather, I search only within
finding the answers in my soul.

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Climbing More Mountains


I climbed the mountain
only to see
there were many more
mountains to climb.

I dare not linger
for my long walk
has not ended.

The glory comes
from rising when I fall,
certain the journey
is more important
than the destination.

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Reflections #12


I returned to my grandmother’s house
to find it unchanged by time.
It held the mirror for me
to see the ways
I have been altered
by life’s experiences
and by choices I have made
reflecting who I have become
and who I was all along

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What Is Peace?

Maple Leaves on Fallen Redwood

Peace is not an objective
nor a destination
rather, peace is path
a way of being
one moment at a time

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Cling Not

Do not cling to your suffering
letting it define who you Be
release all worries and anxiety
become light and free

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Success or Failure?



I will not judge
myself by my success or failures
but rather by how many times
I tried again, for after all,
the only way to fail, is to
never try at all.

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Love Is Free


Do not imprison
those whom you love
for only by freeing them,
can your love grow.

Inspire those you love
help them to be
all they are meant to be
for true love
never stifles
but rather
sets you both free.

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