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I am creating a series of e-books from the almost 8000 poems on this site. I am using a program called BlogBooker to change the WordPress XML files to PDF. I eventually will edit these ebooks to look more elegant, i.e., cover page, etc. but for now will offer them as they are. Please feel free to download them for your enjoyment or to share with others. They are a perfect gift on a day you just want someone to know you are thinking about them. To download the files, go to the E-book page in the bar above and click on the book you want. Let me know if you have any problems with this.

Any feedback you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I would love to know how many people actually download them but do not know how to put a counter on the page (if you know, please tell me.) But use the comment section to tell me what you download and anything else you want to share with me, i.e., how they appeared on your screen, if you used a reading device and which one if you did, etc.

And thanks to all of you who have made this site extra special with your comments and presence here. big hug to each of you, pat

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Inspire Me


Don’t point out my faults
Inspire me instead
Model how to be!

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Silly Words

beans and bananas

Beans and bananas
Sweet potatoes, too
Silly words to say
I love you.

It doesn’t really matter
how you say it
as long as you do!

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Do It!


I’m saying “No!”
but doing “yes!”
It’s true that
actions speak louder
than words

Show me that
you love me for
I no longer hear
your words.

I, in turn, must
stop talking and
start doing, too.

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Circular Cycles


Just how it is!

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I both resist change
and thrive on it.
Don’t want to change
yet create it.
Either way,
it does not matter
for change is as certain
as moon cycles and tides
regardless of how we feel
about it.

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Begin Each Day


Start your day with
Write down each day
five reasons you are
Don’t repeat.

Why does this change
our lives? When we
focus on the positive,
it becomes stronger,
heals our despair,
helps us forgive,
shows us the beauty
all around us.

No matter what is
going on, when we have
serenity and gratitude,
these external problems
can not touch our core being.

I am equally grateful
for clear skies and rain,
hard times or good,
for both help me learn.

I love being grateful
and you will, too.

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