Depending on Perspective



Giant drawings across
miles of barren land;
images that can only
be understood from above.
One tiny soul walks
across trying to explain
what he sees one step
at a time.

If we were given a proportional
portrait of God and told
to walk across it and tell
what God looks like, we could
only describe a tiny piece
a dash of color
curved line
never able to comprehend
the enormity of the Divine.

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Seeking Abundance


Abundance, I had it all along;
vaults of gold, precious jewels
these I do not have
yet I have all I need
at this moment
so abundance have I, indeed!

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Gift of Laughter

I give you the gift
of laughter, use it
well and often
its magic

L oosen up!
A ll things look brighter after a good laugh
U ntil you laugh, you haven’t finished your day
G iggles are fun, too
H ave a good day filled with laughter

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Pat’s Ponderings — Selling Spirituality


I know that I’m being judgemental, that I need not participate, letting others do as they deem best. Yet, tucked inside is a feeling that we can not sell spirituality.

We are flooded with courses, workshops, books, videos–all for a price, on how to find God, a purpose in life, serenity, abundance, etc. I have spent a lifetime spending money trying to understand who I am, why I am here, when all the time the answers to my questions were to be found within. Fo me, I know I can not sell anything that has to do with healing or arriving at an understanding of my soul. The irony is that each of us has the ability to see the answers which we have had all along.

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Suspended in Light
all else is falling away
the shell which houses
temporarily is fading;
I am becoming
what I always
have been
Universal Light
part of the Divine Matrix
existing into
the great beyond.

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Stop Struggling

Intuition, synchronicity, coincidence
once I started paying attention,
I found my life filled with
a communication far beyond
every day life.
What was once mystical
became the norm. As I
opened to receive this
Divine guidance, in even
the most ordinary circumstances,
it responded with abundance,
with love.

So simple that we do not
believe. We are so used
to struggling that we
assume that unless we
suffer, it isn’t valid.

Faith is not for the holy,
for each of us can walk
with this knowing that
we are loved and guided
so simple
start with a willingness
and desire, to let go
and receive
so simple…just do it.

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Our Connections


We are not connected
to God,
rather, we are pieces,
parts of the Divine.

Me? Flabby, impatient me
full of flaws and fear?
Yet within is a voice
that whispers “Beloved”
even in my darkest hours.

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