The Normality of Insanity

ink blots

The world is full
of ink blots,
each one seen
differently by the viewer.
Everything we see is
colored by our
experiences and
a quantum world
of no reality.

It was a red car,
blue car that crashed
into the truck, bus
witnesses who see
the scenes of life
like museum goers
looking at art pieces.

What is real…or
does anything truly exist?
Is insanity the norm
all of us locked
in a world of
our own making?

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Foraging for Food

wild strawberry

Gathering food in the floresta
fruits warm from the sun
berries, roots, nothing
in styrofoam or plastic
wrap, no tin cans covered
in rat droppings.

Fresh greens picked
and eaten by a stream
food created by God
not in a laboratory of
greed. No wonder we
are overweight, filled
with diseases caused
by toxic substances in
our food, water and air.

Food and water have become
weapons of mass destruction.
Chemtrails fill our lungs with
slow death. GMOs destroy our
future food supplies.

Let’s bring back
wild strawberries
savored on a summer day
salads sweet and fresh
crisp and delicious
fruit with natural flavor
good health for all.

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The Language of Lies

brazilian frog
Tongue twisters, puns
playing with words
double entendres, secret
code, out and out lies

Beautiful poems, soul
lifting lyrics, rap
filled with anger,
protests on the street
media and movies
filled with lies
and violence

Language lifts us up
or casts us down
turns us into
a pillar of salt
babbling fools
filibuster of
untruth and
empty promises

No wonder I want
to live inside the floresta
free of words that destroy
silenced broken only by
the cooing of birds
at sunrise, and melodies
of rushing streams

May my words bring comfort
uplift, inspire, speaking
only with love and compassion
or else remain silent
forever more.

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Pat’s Ponderings


Although I was not raised in a religion that believes in reincarnation, it seems like a reasonable possibility, especially when mixed with the idea of karma, which, one would hope, would bring ultimately justice to the world. At the same time, the idea of having to come back again and again is terrifying to me.

I’ve had a remarkable life, a good life, a hard life. I am finally at peace now, able to live each day to its fullest. Yet there were times when this was not so.

As I look at the wars, destruction of our Earth, the greed, hunger for power, drugs, increasing crime and brutality, I hope there is no such thing as reincarnation that I must come back to this world gone mad.

Still, I have hope, for there are many good people working for change, for peace. I also have an innate belief in the power of love, the existence of a Power greater than all.

I also believe we must each do our part…surely seven billion people focused on making the world a better place can change the destruction all around us. Let it begin with me…then you! Amen to that, Dear Ones.

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Piano Keys

Notes, chakras, days of the week,
Power number 7. Fingers racing
along the keys; together black and white
create the sublime. Those with racial prejudice
would do well to note.

Crescendos, triplets, chords,
scales, my fingers know
what my soul needs.
Music opens my heart and
sends my mind to other realities.
My voice, now strong and pure,
joins the symphony of notes
my hands send racing to
heal the Earth.

My fingers tap the keys
of my piano, tap, tap, tap,
stroking, striking, seeking
to transform my very being
into the magnificent world
of Light and Love.

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Just My Imagination


I live in my imagination
creating as I go along
story after story
good guys, bad guys
fairy tales
epics spanning generations
science fiction adventures
my life has the components
of a well stocked library
stories that all end
happily ever after
frog turns to prince
and justice is served to all.

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B eauty is everywhere if only we notice
E ach life has value and is part of the whole
A ttention to detail has great rewards
U ncover the riches of your mind
T rust in the power of love
Y ou are much more than you realize

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