No Connection


Many people have little
or no conscious connection
with Source. Intuitive
knowledge is lost in
technology and busyness.
Mankind feels hopelessly
removed, isolated, filled
with despair that leads
to cynicism and self-destruction.
Without this connection
to Source, man has no hope of serenity.

Yet, somehow this is changing,
slowly but gaining momentum.
It is as if a single star suddenly
is illuminated in a dark sky.
Then another pops into view.
One by one these tiny lights
flicker on bringing hope to
a world too long held in Darkness.

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Shifting Realities

shifting realities2

A shift of reality
is like dying
everything gets disconnected
then reconnected at a much
higher energy rate.
In that period of change,
it can be perceived
as a moment or months.
You feel the shift, but
maybe or maybe not understand
what is happening. You ride
the currents and wait for this
phase to complete itself
knowing your calmness
makes the transition
go more smoothly.

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Free-floating Guilt


My guilt list is absurd:
being vegetarian and wanting meat,
finding most social gatherings boring,
not wanting to help someone I’ve already helped too much.

On and on it goes…
our guilt–self imposed or
brainwashing by religion,
society or family
is more destructive to us
than helpful.

G o away!
U gly thought that makes me sad
I ll gotten advice
L earning to laugh at guilt
T aking a positive view of life

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Everything’s Fine

child crying

Boo-hoo, crybaby, wimp
no tears allowed
hide your pain
frustration and fear
we want only brave boys here

Generations of people
who must deny or hide
what they really feel
when, at a gut-level,
they know that there
is something terribly
wrong while everyone
is telling them
everything is fine!

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I’m Old Enough

daisies in rain

I am now old enough
to laugh at my guilt,
know that god theories
aren’t as important as
playing with a puppy,
dramas don’t make
life more meaningful,
English muffins taste
better with butter.

I am now old enough
to not worry about
scales, mirrors, or chubby thighs.
Just old enough to know
that what counts is serenity,
love and daisies.

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Not a Dime!

LOL, I just realized that I posted this twice. How gracious all of your are to not say anything about it. I am not going to own up to old age, but rather tell you that I receive the poems, post them, and never remember them. They come so fast and there are so many of them…hope you like this one well enough to read it twice. hugs to each one of you! pat

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Baby bear
stocking feet
give a smile
to all you meet

Nonsensical poems that rhyme
are a total waste of time.
I’ve tried a few but find,
mine ain’t worth a dime!

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Value of a Poem


Baby bears
stocking feet
give a smile
to all you meet

Nonsensical poem with rhyme
total waste of my time
I’ve tried, oh yes, I’ve tried
but mine ain’t worth a dime!


A childhood song that flashed through my mind this morning. Odd after almost 70 years to remember this and wonderful to find it on the Internet!

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