A Separate Being


I am a separate being;
like no other, I stand alone.
Suffering and fear is my lot.
The world is a constant threat.

I am connected to All,
a Light on the grid of life
each being is part
of Pure Love Energy;
nothing stands alone.
Knowing this, I remain

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I will not be less
so you won’t feel insecure,
nor will I allow you
to treat me disrespectfully.

You will not control me
bully me, or
make me afraid.

No longer will I be
less than I am
for I am a child of the Light,
yet, you are, too.
We are both worthy
of loving respect,
no less will do.


Grand Canyon, photos by Buddy Tournade

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I am not afraid of
“What if I can’t.”
It is “What if I can”
that terrifies me.

Do not tell me I am
a piece of God
a Divine Being.
It is too great
an idea for one
old woman living
inside the floresta
with varicose veins
and a fear of spiders.

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Final Sleep

final sleep

I will die smiling
the ultimate letting go
no theories on what is next
for soon I will know.

When I die, if you weep
let your tears be for you
for I have lived my life well
and am ready for the final sleep.

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Series of Losses


Some say old age
is a series of losses
yet loss is also
letting go. If we
only know how to seek,
how will we face the
inevitable loss
called “death?”

Every moment I am
letting go
rushing toward death
leaving unneeded parts
of me along the path
until only my essence
is left, pure Source
returning to Source.

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Something to Think About #13


Did I succeed or fail?
How do I know?
Has this life been what
it was meant to be
or wasted on meaningless pursuits?
Who will decide if not me?

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My pile is bigger than yours
bigger house, car, bank account
therefore I must be more important.
Kings bow before me
people turn in fear
dogs roll over
children cry

Yet I stand behind a curtain
roaring orders to all
magnified to a booming voice
and lie afraid in the dark
knowing its all a sham
my thumb in my mouth
crying for a mommy that
never comes.

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