Middle of the Circle


In the middle of the circle am I
Its border extends to eternity
My being knows no limits
I exist through all time

You are in the middle of your circle
No limits have you through all time
Concentric circles joined
yet also are free to move
into the great beyond.

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When You’re Ready

sitting on a log

Sitting on a log
Watching the world pass you by
Wait no more to live!

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Feeling Safe

child sleeping

Feeling safe
does not depend
on others
nor locks, guns or walls.
It comes with a knowing
that we are loved
without limits
by our Creator,

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Creating Peace

1234927_612133862160755_1067948844_nPeace in the world
begins within each of us.
Serenity can not be stolen,
only we can let it go.

Peace in the world
must radiate from our hearts,
each of us a point of light
showing the path of love.

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Not yesterday
Or tomorrow
This moment
A single breath
We have for sure
The rest is uncertain

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Our Gift


Within and all around
is this Force.
It is a gift
to be used
however we choose.
Some use it for good;
others use it
for dark endeavors.
Its power is absolute.
Our ability to use it
increases each time we do.

Intention is the key;
it directs the Force
to how we want to use it,
causes large and small.
We can call forth this Force
in an instant, use it, then
let it go.

Use wisely, Dear Ones,
use with loving intent
for to use it otherwise
leads you to doom.

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Be With Me


Sometimes I feel so tiny
Be with me, Lord
Surrounded by people, yet lonely
Be with me, O Blessed One
Troubled by things of this world
Please be with me, Source of all

I am here, beloved child
never do I leave your side.
Just open your heart
and I will be there
through all eternity.

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