Don’t Go


the cycle begins again

Wars are profitable.
Do they “just happen,”
or are they planned for profit?
What if there was war declared
and no one showed up?

Soldiers are told they are
nobly defending our homes,
what if no one showed up
to fight
leave a land
strewn with bodies
of people who never
wanted war?

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Fragments of Soul

source, inspiration, one, soul, heaven

Eight billion fragments
of one soul
connected through the Divine Matrix.
What if it is true
that no one goes to heaven
until everyone is ready?
Would we help each other then?

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Less Is More


Before, my life was endless need.
a non-stop desire for more of more.
The paradox is that
now I know that
it is less and less
that fills me with contentment;
a blue butterfly nearby
good book enjoyed in the hammock
a quiet walk in the floresta
are my riches now.
Finally I am at peace.

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Red Ribbon Child

girl tree

Child with red ribbon
Peaks around the magic tree
Don’t steal her childhood

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Too Easy?


Maybe the problem is
that the answer is too easy.
We are geared to think
we need gurus, courses, commandments
laws, suffering, a bed of coals.

But, what if this is not true,
that none of that is important?
It’s all a great big lie
designed to keep us enslaved
when all along we have all
the answers we need for a life
filled with wonder. Just waiting
for us to discover the Source of our
contentment, the answer to all that is.

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My mind is filled with non-memories
hazy half-recollections
barely imprinted
yet still with value.

I have moved in and out
of the valleys of hell;
each time bringing back a trophy:
understanding, compassion
for those who stay,
strength for having
survived one more time,
gratitude for all I learned,
though the lessons were hard.

Neither life nor time is linear,
realities are ill defined.
I slip among dimensions,
a ghost without a home
longing, longing
for that which I do not find.

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Never Even Tried

girl with bird

How often I think
I can not do something
so never even try.
Failure without attempt
surely limits us all.

What is the shame
of not being able to do something
if we have given our all?
Go ahead — give it a try.
Live life to its fullest
bumps in the road and all.

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