4 x 4 Memory


My memory is slipping
Forgetful am I today
Don’t remember harsh world
Keep only sweet memories

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Special Day


Today is not like
any other day.
It is a special day,
finally arrived,
never to come again.

Will I use this day well,
fill it with what truly matters?
Afterwards, will I tuck it
away to be fondly remembered?
A special day
created special
by how I use it.

May your life be filled
only with special days.

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Can’t wait to go to bed
always eager to get up
naps are a must.
Sleep- sometimes an enemy
other times a friend
such a complex part of life
that we do not understand.

It seems so mysterious,
strange dreams, lost time
journeys to we know not where.
Some nights I’d like to stay
awake while I sleep and find out
where my soul goes.
But then, I’d spoil the mystery
of sleep, so perhaps it is
better to just accept the
design the Creator gave us.

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In the Dog House

dog house

I’m living in smaller
and smaller houses.
Next one I have I will
buy at the pet store.

I’m buying less and less clothes
no adornments, simple cotton
Ghandi had the right idea.

My car is past the age
that a thief would want it.
It suits me just fine.

Now the only store
I need to avoid is
amazon.com for books
still draw me every time.

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Thinking of You

colt in daisies

I think of you;
it brings a smile
a sense of joy
and serenity.
The mere thought
of you always
being by my side
makes life worthwhile
no matter what
comes along.

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Like Buttons

like button

I want more “Like” buttons
some should say,  “I REALLY liked”
or “Wow!”

“My thoughts exactly!”
a thumbs up sign
and while you are at it,
throw in “you gotta’ be kidding”
“No way!” and “Ugh!”

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Something to Think About #4

L earning to lasso fence posts
A mazed at how many get away
S ure I can learn with practice
S un goes down on my empty lasso
O ne more fantasy shattered

Cowboys here can lasso a running cow with a skill that leaves me breathless. They race across the pastures holding on to their horses with their knees, perfect balance, and luck. Enormous lassos spin above them as they near the designated cow. In an instant, they throw, secure the rope, and halt their horse to keep tension on the rope. Perfect throw.

They tried to teach me how to lasso a calm, quiet fence post. It was one of my failures in life–I’ve had others. But each failure in my life has taught me things once I was willing to learn. We can not do all things. It is important to discover what we can do and let that be our focus. Public education does not prepare one to do this. It is a one-shoe-fits-all system.

Our culture places more value on one skill than another. Sadly rock-stars and sports heroes are at the top.

I want to live in a world that encourages me to be who God made me to be, to use whatever gifts I have. I want people to know that failure is part of the learning process, that it is better to have failed a hundred times than never have tried because we were afraid of failing.

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