Wise Words


All the wise words
ever spoken, endless
quotes on the Internet,
blogs on every subject,
workshops, gurus, religions
galore. So many opportunities
to learn, yet the irony is
that everything we truly
need to know can be discovered
in the stillness of our minds
when we open our hearts to learn.

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A Little Envy

Dish towels without spots
I wonder how she does it
Envy strikes again!

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Learning Patience…Again

flat tire

Flat tire
remaining calm
puppy threw up in my shoe
patience tested
lost keys
can’t get in my house
wonder how many lessons
I need? Little crisis
popping up like mushrooms
after a summer rain.
One by one, I handle
them as best as I can
sometimes laughter
or maybe tears
always I learn
a little better
compassion, patience
and what a long way
I still have to go!

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The Library of Life

hero and villain

The story evolves
one page at a time.
The author develops the
plot with twists and turns,
heroes and villains appear
quest ever in the forefront.

Is there a predetermined plot
the writer must follow,
a formula for the genre?
Are there any original stories,
or is this plot repeated
seven billion times a day?
We think our life is so unique
that we suffer like no other,
that our fears and dreams
are specific to us, that others
could never understand.

Yet we all are born, suffer,
have fun and fears
work, accomplish and fail.
In the end, we die…everyone,
regardless of the plot.
Each, both the villain
and the hero, just another
story in the library of life.

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A Pound

I get rid of the pound.
It creeps back again.
I buy lighter shoes.
It’s still there.
Like the birthday candle
you can’t blow out,
this pound relentlessly
comes back each time
I starve it off,
its brother just lurking
around the corner.

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Our Own Free Will


Source does not impose
worship, slavish service, or
punishment for we must
in our own hearts voluntarily
recognize and love Him.

The Creator does not
coerce or compel
leaving us with free will

It is our own choosing
to give the gift of
following God’s will
that brings us closer
to Source in all
His loving perfection.

When we become truly
God-conscious discovering
the indwelling presence
of Source, it is a natural
evolution to see more
contact, more understanding
of this supreme connection.

Ultimately we awaken to the knowing
that we are not separate,
that we are truly One with All.

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The Ultimate Quest


The sublime search
for the Creator of
universes is the supreme
adventure of a lifetime.

The Quest
heroes and villains
We write our stories
with time and tears
never quite sure
how the story will end.

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