Side by Side

side by side

Stand side by side
hold on to what you strive for
hold on to what you’d die for
lift the people from their pain
reach into the future
Stand side by side
we can bear this weight

Fight for your values
stand firm
nothing will topple you
for mighty is the Lord
and all who walks with Him

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Flip Flop Faith


Flip-flop faith
foolish doubt
but very real.
Then once again
I am shown
the power and love
of my Creator.
Tears of awe
and gratitude
wash away the doubt
leaving me filled
with joy and peace
once again.

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My Smile

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The smile on my lips
starts in my heart
flowing to all the cells
in my body
gathering at my lips
and then onward
to your heart.

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Flowers of the Field

surrounded by love

Surround our love
with flowers of the field
each petal
a layer of love
each blossom
a kiss
of forever love
into the field
of eternity

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My Mark of Worth

My mark of worth I wear
a star shining bright within
I am loved
part of the Divine
to all there is

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The Verb–Love

mixed love

Sometimes love
is a hard work
loving someone enough
to accept that person
just as he is right now.
Love is a verb.

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The Way It Is


I am watching my
anger, my outrage
fade away
learning to accept
what is
rather than
what I think
it should be.

This is great progress for me
for life is full of inequalities
each giving us an opportunity
to examine our own values
and behaviors
to decide once again
who we want to be.

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