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In the Dog House

I’m living in smaller and smaller houses. Next one I have I will buy at the pet store. I’m buying less and less clothes no adornments, simple cotton Ghandi had the right idea. My car is past the age that … Continue reading

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Thinking of You

I think of you; it brings a smile a sense of joy and serenity. The mere thought of you always being by my side makes life worthwhile no matter what comes along.

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Like Buttons

I want more “Like” buttons some should say,  “I REALLY liked” or “Wow!” “Spectacular” “My thoughts exactly!” a thumbs up sign and while you are at it, throw in “you gotta’ be kidding” “No way!” and “Ugh!”

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Where Am I?

Where am I? I got lost in my masks. Which one is the real me?

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The Perfect Day ********************* Some creatures live only a day living the perfect day as they only get one chance. Did you live a perfect day today? If not, what about tomorrow?

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Letting Go of Time

Surrounded by clocks everywhere I look. Their numbered faces ticking time away. Rushing, always rushing never enough time everything a blur details of life obscured. Then one day I decided to quit this crazy game. Got rid of clocks, watches, … Continue reading

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By the Campfire

Fun by the campfire scary stories, silly songs laughter shared melting into peaceful silence as we watch images come and go in the burning wood. It has been many years since my campfire days so last night’s unexpected invitation awakened many … Continue reading

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