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The Verb–Love

Sometimes love is a hard work loving someone enough to accept that person just as he is right now. Love is a verb.

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The Way It Is

I am watching my anger, my outrage fade away learning to accept what is rather than what I think it should be. This is great progress for me for life is full of inequalities each giving us an opportunity to examine … Continue reading

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I want to float in the womb of the Mother Divine away from the storms of life even if only a few moments to restore balance in my soul.

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Just Sad

Something so ugly has happened that its meanness made me sad instead of angry. What a long way humanity has to go to learn the lesson of Love.

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Art of War

In the art of war both win without fighting for both are right and both are wrong. Understanding this makes fighting unnecessary. War is an obsolete way of settling disputes. Refuse to participate in any way and watch it disappear.

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Our Spiritual Cave

Go to your spiritual cave face your nature in the raw know it, work with it, own it. Stop running from who you are. Being authentic takes courage determination relentless intention. There is nothing, let me tell you again, there … Continue reading

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A Tiny Flower

I am but a tiny flower in a field of many. No one sees my perfection yet I fulfill my purpose by being who I am.

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