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Don’t Help!

Your dramas are not mine nor do I need to solve your problems or needs. Do good, help others our religions teach yet there are times when we need to let others work through their own life experiences. I need … Continue reading

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Ancient Words

Bottle of ink feathered pen wisdom written long ago ignored through the ages history repeating the cruelty of man who refuses to hear what all great teachers have said…live a life of love simple message written and spoken many ways … Continue reading

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The Gift

Joggers run with music blaring in their ears minds focused on its numbing sound flowers go unseen birds sing silent songs the beauty of the floresta lost to those who do not see There a many ways we shut out … Continue reading

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A Tiny Leaf

I am but a leaf in the floresta not even a mighty tree just one tiny leaf that soon must fall cycle of life complete. My passing makes room for another, then another until even the tree which gave me … Continue reading

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Precious Life

How precious is life? How precious life is. I do not wish to live so much that I close my eyes to what is happening nor will I sell my integrity for one more day in a world of darkness, … Continue reading

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More and More

Bigger and better more and more discontented with all we desperately seek for what we do not know maybe next time will be better so we do not feel disappointed empty a compelling need to search again

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I am here soon gone today’s crisis tomorrow’s memory then forgotten Letting go dramas released finding peace contentment each moment a gift

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