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B elieve what your inner voice says R efuse to be less I nvite change D elight in life G ive up drama and blame E veryone is part of the grid S erenity is golden

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No More Waiting

Note to readers: My images are not displaying; are they on your computer? Does anyone know a solution. I tried clearing my browser. ************* I’m not going to wait to live any more Not going to let life pass me … Continue reading

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Is Life Hard?

Life only seems hard when we think it is real. We feel afraid when we watch a scary movie and later laugh at our fears. None of this madness is real–it is only a drama of discovery. Relax, enjoy the … Continue reading

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Handle With Care

Never steal someone’s hope or destroy their joy. Think carefully before you speak or act, most of all, do no harm.

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Divine Forgiveness

How many times am I allowed to fail? How long will you tolerate my imperfection? “Look-up, my child,” He responds. “Each star represents an act of forgiveness. Each star is a promise of love.”

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Student of the Earth

I must not separate myself from thee, or do sly deeds in dark corners. Far reaching is your light. You know my every thought, even my passions waiting to be fulfilled. I am of the Earth, here to learn, with … Continue reading

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Going Wrong

A berry, a nut an edible flower banana warmed by the sun no GMO, plastic wrap or forever styrofoam does the food of the floresta have nothing gassed, sprayed dyed or waxed. Just simple, pure food where did we go … Continue reading

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