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Flip Flop Faith

Flip-flop faith foolish doubt but very real. Then once again I am shown the power and love of my Creator. Tears of awe and gratitude wash away the doubt leaving me filled with joy and peace once again.

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My Smile

The smile on my lips starts in my heart flowing to all the cells in my body gathering at my lips and then onward to your heart.

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Flowers of the Field

Surround our love with flowers of the field each petal a layer of love each blossom a kiss promise of forever love into the field of eternity

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My Mark of Worth

My mark of worth I wear a star shining bright within I am loved safe guided part of the Divine connected to all there is

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The Verb–Love

Sometimes love is a hard work loving someone enough to accept that person just as he is right now. Love is a verb.

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The Way It Is

I am watching my anger, my outrage fade away learning to accept what is rather than what I think it should be. This is great progress for me for life is full of inequalities each giving us an opportunity to examine … Continue reading

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I want to float in the womb of the Mother Divine away from the storms of life even if only a few moments to restore balance in my soul.

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