Rainforest News #44

Nine lives has a cat.
Divide nine by three gives three.
Live your life wisely.


We sing through the night.
Our songs and love fill the air.
Music heals the earth!



There once was a girl who loved bubbles.
The fact that they broke gave her troubles.
She tried soap, spit and dreams,
Globes are not what they seem.
When they burst, her pain is double.


Pat’s Ponderings

I have been thinking about what role discipline has in my life, especially in my spiritual life. How is it that I am very disciplined in certain areas and not in others? What does discipline have to do with my spiritual growth? Why is it that I know many things that would make my life healthier, richer, more abundant in many ways, but fail to put this knowledge into practice?


Quote of the Day

Intellectual searching will not find the way to the King! Rumi


Children’s Wisdom

Can we get a chocolate cow?

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5 Responses to Rainforest News #44

  1. Kim Nelson says:

    I adore your ‘singing’ haiku. What a difference all of us could make if united in that song!

    • Pat Cegan says:

      I go to a church that uses singing and meditation as their forms of worship. We have long hours of singing, sometimes all through the night. It is facinating how powerful the energy gets after prolonged singing. There is often a golden layer of energy above and I love the idea of it going out to heal the earth. The church is located in a floresta and has open sides to allow an exchange with nature. Very unique religion started here in Brazil, a kind of mixture of several philosophies, rituals, and religions as only the Brazilians can do so well. But the main emphasis is the music. It is true that it is very power. Hugs, pat

  2. Sara says:

    Oh yeah…
    A chocolate cow.
    Mmmmm yum yum.

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