The Solace of Still Waters

I walk along the shore
of a lake calmed by
the end of the day.
Still waters mirror
pastels of the setting sun;
evening is heralded
by the mournful cry of a loon.

I find solace in these still waters,
a calming of my soul.
Each day I come here
for reflection and peace,
unhurried time with my Creator
leaves me content to travel on.

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2 Responses to The Solace of Still Waters

  1. Sara says:

    Still waters…Beautiful…
    No wonder I named one of my musics…Still Waters…
    Thank you Pat.

    • Pat Cegan says:

      I had forgotten that, Sara. Seems like I am still writing poems for your music. Look in your manual for your keyboard and see if there is a way to read a meditation or poem along with the music. I am sure there must be because peope can sing along with the music. Might be an interesting addition to your offerings. Still working on the blog. WP is very slow tonight or perhaps it is just from my server. So far, it looks great and you should be able to see it tomorrow. hugs, pat

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